July 4th

Today, there were things that my father called "fireworks" outside. Draculilac said that they were "bombs bursting into fire to kill us monsters," but they were really just celebrating a holiday called Independence Day. I have nothing to worry about!

July 15th

Oh, it rained today. I love the rain! It's one of the only times I can go outside without an umbrella! Speaking of that, it's totally unfair that vampires have to stay out of the sun. But the good news is that I can't go in any classes with windows above ground!

July 22

Today I went to the beach with Lagoona and she was getting out of the water with her surfboard, and she must've seen some cute guys or something, 'cause the next thing I knew, Neptuna bit her on the leg and she screamed. To make everything worse, she was gonna ride her surfboard but she tripped on the leash and those guys had to come help her up!

July 31

I came to my room to find Lilac with my cellphone! She had broken with my boyfriend, said mean stuff to my best friends, and blamed me for doing it! She's gonna have to pay. I wonder if she has a phone...

August 29

I haven't written for a month and I'm sorry, but I had to know my schedule for High School at MH!! I finally found out and I have Home Ick right before Lunch, so I could make a scary cool outfit and put it on during Lunch!!

September 6

Well, school starts tomorrow and I have a lot of classes with my friend and I'm joining the Fear Squad TTYL,


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