Draculaura base
Name:DracuLanta Bites Age: 1,700 Monster Parent:Dracula Killer Style:Rips polka dots and shoulder hang-offs! Freaky Flaw: Trying to go out in the sun without squealing,And not running under a shade. Pet:Fang Biter my sweet pet bunny who is the most adorable thing ever! Favorite Activity: Hanging with the ghouls,Shopping,and hearing dad's vampire expirences! Biggest pet peeve: When people think I don't really think I drink blood because I am caked in pink! Favorite School Subject: Mad Science I am quite the ghoul at expirimenting stuff! Least Favorite School Subject: Culinary Arts: I can't cook,not even Mac-And-Gleese! Favorite Color: Pink cause I am a monster sweetghoul! Favorite Food: Meat. I can't eat it around Draculaura because she is a Vegan. So I just eat peacefully in my coffin. BFFS: Heath Burns(BoyFriend),Cleo De Nile,Frankie Stein,Draculaura,Clawdeen Wolf,Deuce Gorgon,Holt Hyde,Jackson Jekkyl,Abbey Bominable,Spectra Vondergeist,and Lagoona Blue!

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