Dracu-lily is a 120 year old vampire and is the adopted daughter of Count Dracula and his family. She was adopted when she was 14 years old. She is a tom boy and is usually her adopted mothers attention all of the time. Dracu-lily attends monster high with her adopted sister, Draculaura.

Monster high skullette1

dracu-lily's skullette

Monster High Student
Monster high!!!

Dracu-lily in her basic outfit

Age 120
Monster Parent Adopted by Dracula
Killer Style Checked shirts, jeans and shorts, baseball boots and baseball caps all are my favs!!!
Freaky Flaw Not being able to play sports in the sun.
Pet benny my pet bat. He and Count Fabulous are great friends.
Favorite Activity Playing casketball, but being a girl dosen't help me to play as all the boys won't play with a girl.
Biggest Pet Peeve the lack of animals to hunt where I live.
Fav School Subject creative writing! I get to write scary stories!
Least Fav Subject geography! It gets boring when your over 100
Favorite Color blue and black
Favorite Food bloody steak
BFFs Draculaura, my adopted sister, Howleen Wolf and Dracu-Liam
[1] Dracu-lily's diary

Life before being adopted!!!

{C Before Dracu-lily was adopted she lived at a vampire home for unwanted vampire children. She befriended with a male vampire called Dracu-liam but a year before she left he was adopted by an old vamapire and his pet. Months before she lived with the Dracula's, Dracu-lily was switched to a different care home filled with different monsters.


Dracu-lily has a pet bat called benny who is a naughty bat at most times!

Dawn of the dancer

Dracu-lily wears a pair of black jeans and a red and blue checked shirt with black baseball boots.

Gloom beach

Dracu-lily wears a 1 piece blue swim suit with a pair of black shorts.

Schools out

Dracu-lily wears a blue checked shirt with a pair of dark blue jeans and red baseball boots

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