The 20th of August

Returned home today, and I was instantly greeted by Father. He seemed to miss me greatly, and said that my blood donation business is starting to run wild. Perfect.

Draculaura was next; still as short as the life of most ants. We had a quick argument, but of course, it ended once Dracudora ran at me full force. I stumbled and nearly broke a legging because of her. All in all, I'm still happy to be back in town, and happy to know Nefera is also back.

Now I won't be bored for the next few weeks.

The 27th of August

That bat of Draculaura's is SUCH A TOOTH-ACHE! I just so happen to be looking through her shoes, although none of them were appealing seeing that they were pink. That bat actually went and told Draculaura; it was behaving as if I actually found something worth taking!

Anyhoo, I ran into Nefera today.

And she was fuming!

Her sister Cleo and her little gang had played a trick on her at the Maul. Videos all over Frightube of her walking around wearing a garbage can and a honeyhive on her head! Ridiculous!I'm not even sure if I want to help her for revenge, I'm too embarrassed to even stand beside her!

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