Dracu'Carla is the first daughter of Dracula; she is the older sister of Draculaura and Dracudora. Although her true age is unknown, it is between the age of a teenager and an adult. She's a former student at Monster High, and now attends Monster State University.

As the eldest daughter, Dracu'Carla owns her own castle in an unknown location. She frequently visits her father and her sisters, and runs a blood donation business.


  • As said in her basic information, Dracu'Carla and Nefera de Nile are best friends. Both are older than the main characters in Monster High, are older siblings to one of the main characters, and they seem obviously stuck-up, although Dracu'Carla only shows a hint of being spoiled.
  • She is on the Fearleading Squad at Monster State University.

Monster State University Fearleading Outfit

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