October 31

Well... my birthday has finally come and my cousins Leah,Laura and Lana are coming here soooo can't wait hopefully I got what I wanted a new Icoffin! cuz my old one broke...

November 12

A new girl came to Monster high her name is Corpseline she's like a zombie or ghost or somethin' IDK... but she's really nice and a great singer (well I saw her singing in the music room... pretty talented don't you think?) and then she saw me peeking I felt embaressed a bit but she looked happy because I said she is an awesome singer then I said "hey you should tryout for fearleading or the musical!" she said yeah exited the room and signed up after that we became bffs (P.S. I so am crushing on Holt Hyde!).

November 15

Still excited for tryouts for Fearleading! hope I me and Corpseline make the team!

November 18

VOTES ARE IN! I MADE IT WOOHOO! I JUST BECAME A FEARLEADER! I told Corpseline and she said "THAT IS SOOO CLAWSOME! I MADE IT TOO AND I MADE THE MUSICAL YESSS!" now me and my bff got what we wanted well... it was a fangtastic day I'm gonna get some fast food to celeberate.

November 21

Well the dance is tomorrow... I hope holt asks me.

November 22

AHHHH! yes Holt asked me to the dance yay! I'm gonna get ready for the dance now then it's time for me and Corpseline to blow everyone away at the dance!


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