Easygoing and a little traditional because of her father, Dollietta is quite friendly but opens up most to those who take their time to know her. She can be a bit shy due to the fact that she's never seen another living (or dead) soul besides her father who resurrected - A.k.a. winded her up (her being a mechanical clock-work puppet and all).

Physical Description

Dollietta has midnight blue hair with highlights of a lighter shade of blue. Her father's joke is that she was in the ocean for too long. She wears a crimson dress with black lace and a Victorian trail matching high heeled half-boots. The gloves hide the scary little joints in her hands which she hates and several accessories. She loves her necklace which is a small, golden pocket watch dated back to the 18th century. Her father didn't want her showing too much skin so she wears black socks just to make him happy, although, she's grown quite attached to how well it goes with her outfit.


She hasn't gotten into a relationship yet but...we'll see.


Dolli has only her father with her - he is not married, nor does he have any known siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles or anyone related to him. All we know is that he is the descendant of renowned Rene Descartes.


She's yet to start school since she is still learning of the world but her friend would most likely consist of Frankie Stein, whose father would be interested in the works of her father, and Draculaura who shares almost the same style of clothing and traditonal values.