Digitalia 'Digi' Webster
Monster High Student
Age I'm 17, though as I calculate I will be living for another few centuries
Monster Parent My mother and my father are Internet Cyborgs, and I have no siblings.
Killer Style I like to dress sophisticatedly and smart. I like to add a bit of edge or modern feel, like a chunky belt or high-waisted skirt.
Freaky Flaw Sometimes, when my ghoulfriends say something really scary funny, I'll laugh so hard I blow a fuse! Oh no, I hate when that happens.
Pet I have a prism dog that my father constructed. Her name is Forcia, as in a forcefield.
Favorite Activity Hanging out with Forcia, while my mother styles my hair. I know, I'm a mother's girl.
Biggest Pet Peeve When people laugh at my metallic voice and steely sense of humor.
Fav School Subject Must I choose just one?
Least Fav Subject C'mon, who doesn't like the educational stylings we call school?
Favorite Color A shiny computer silver. Ah, I'm in HEAVEN.
Favorite Food I do enjoy eating popcorn and drinking Screaming Soda while watching re-runs of Next Top Monster.
BFFs Clawra Wolf, Maula Wolf and Mina Min. They're always there for me.
[1] Digi Webster's Diary