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Season 1, Episode 10
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 10: Grimz and Toralei have different ideas when it comes to rewrites.


Grimz is in the auditorium giving stage directions to cast members and complaining that Toralei isn't here to help. Teala runs through her lines and Grimz berates her for not doing them properly. Just then Toralei comes in and holds up a script. She announces that she rewrote the script and Grimz should look over it and relay the directions. Grimz begins to look over it and yells at her for destroying the entire play. Toralei smirks and says that she's the director. She walks off as Grimz materializes his scythe. He begins walking but tells himself to stay calm.

Holt is sitting with Deuce trying to figure out ideas to apologize to Frankie. Deuce says he's not doing too well with Cleo either and he has no ideas. Holt sarcastically says thanks and storms off. He walks out and transforms into Jackson. He walks over and meets up with Melody. He asks if she can talk to Frankie for Holt. Melody says she'll try but don't know if it'll work.

Grimz comes into the auditorium saying he rewrote the script again and tells Toralei to read over it. She skims it and says that it's awful. The two begin arguing about the script and Teala comes up telling them to stop. In unison they both turn to her and tell her to stay out of it. She recedes to the back of the stage and let's the two continue arguing.

Frankie is telling Melody that she can't forgive Holt for lying to her. Melody pleads with her to at least talk to him. Melody hands Frankie to tickets to the play and says Holt bought them for her. Frankie takes the ticket and walks away. She looks at them and sighs.

Grimz and Toralei say it's time to agree on one script and Toralei picks Grimz's. He smiles and says, "Really?" Toralei smiles, then quickly smirks saying that she's written a few scripts and he should have a turn. Grimz smiles and begins directing the actors.

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