Devin is a cautious boy. He worries about trouble a lot. But, if you put that besides, he is pretty funny. He has mostly humor in his personality.


Devin mostly wears his killer style. He wears a Glowing Red Polo shirt, Shadow Black skinny jeans, and Glowing Red Converse shoes Shawdow Black trim on the shoes. He has no hair.



Devin lives with his mom and dad. They live in a country-looking house with slime on it.


Devin's friend is named Dallin O'Hanley. They hang out a lot. They been knowing each other since the school year started.


Devin is going out with her new and first girlfriend. Her name is Insecta Alienlegs. They love each other.

  • PET:

Devin owns a snake with two heads. This was caused by a mutation when it was born. He named her Roxanne.


On April 21, 1997, the sighting of something otherworldly forever changed a small suburb of Boston, Massachuttes. Four teens witnessed a creature -- labeled at the Dover Demon by locals -- at different times within a 25-hour period. Their descriptions and accounts seemed to confirm a new resident in Dover.-\LostTapes Animal\LostTapes

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