Demonca is the not so evil daughter of the devil, or as her name says, demon. She has a hot temper, so people call her hot head or evil child, but she insists she's not evil, and sets a goal to prove it. This often fails because of her hot temper, so she hasn't convinced monsters yet. Fortonatly, some ghouls have found her to be nice, so this ghoul's got some friends. Don't forget to count out Sizzle, her scary cute, yet wild, tasmainian devil. Here is her bio:

Name: Demonica Red

Age: 405,496, but who's counting.

Monster Parent: the devil

Killer Style: even though I'm not evil I've got to show I'm a demon right? My style is red and spiky with a hint of gothic and gold!

Freaky Flaw: I'm not evil like everyone expects me to be, but I've got this hot temper, which makes monsters think I am.

Favorite Color: red, I mean seriously, it's in my name.

Favorite Food: devil's food, otherwise known as THE BEST CHOCOLATE EVER!

Pet: Sizzle, my tazmainian devil. She's only cuddly to me.

Favorite Activity: trying to convince monsters that I can be nice.

Pet Peeve: when monsters call me "hot head" or "evil child". Oh! Here goes my temper!

BFF's: Harleen Quinn and Kim Reaper.

Favorite Subject: Math, counting is a good way to try and control my temper.

Least Favorite Subject: Gym, Coach Egor sooooo makes me angry!

Apperance: Demonica has pinkish red skin. She has red hair she lets down. She has golden devil horns.