Demona Jeebie

Demona is the 13 year old Daughter of Ghoulies. She has a pet Aligeco named Casey.


Demona Jeebie is friendly and fun, but according to her older brother she is annoying as anything there is. She loves to read and spends alot of time with her favorite books reading them enough times to recite them word for word.

Physical Description

Demona is a bit short (about the same height as Draculaura) with brown eyes, small horns, and fangs that paralyze people (at least for a few hours). Her hair is light blue.

Classic Monster

Demona Jeebie is the child of two Ghoulies. Based on the mythology of a small fiendish creature with jutting incisors and a receding hairline that typically dwells in sewer pipes with a paralyzing bite so it can eat its pray alive. Also called an amphibious troll.



Demona lives with her parents, who are both Ghoulies and 15 year old Brother Kreetin. In a House-like area within the Sewers of the town (Much like the TMNT)


Demona doesn't really have friends, she hangs out a lot with and gets along really well with the Ghoulfriends.


Currently single, but is crushing on Clawd Wolf big time



Demona wears a purple T-shirt, with a navy blue vest. She has red pants, saftey pin earrings, a green hair band and shin high boots.

Dawn of the Dance


Gloom Beach

A purple one peice with sandels with purple straps & her green hairband.

School Spirits


Dead Tired

A purple shirt that saids Mon-star, with dark purple pants covered in yellow stars.

School's Out