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I am recording conversations that I have had with my mother to refer to when I need to ask her something, or just plain talk to her. I am going to write this is role play form and in thrid person so it's easier to go though.

Why I Wanted to Run for President

Beldam: How was school today? *sewing buttons into a doll* Anything exicting?

Demetra: Nothing as normal, wait there was an announcement that students could run for president or vice. Beldam: *think she means of all of the monsters* You should run!

Demetra: Since when did you get any interest of clubs and whatnot you don't even know I'm in the sewing club?

Beldam: You are?

Demetra: *mumbling* That shows your listening skills.

Beldam: What did you say?

Demetra: Nothing, nothing.

Beldam: Well back to the president election.

Demetra: Yes? *taking a seat near her*

Beldam: You should run because it would give you so many opportunities. *Imagining Demetra and her on thrones and other monsters being slaves with buttons eyes*

Demetra: You think I have a chance?

Beldam: Yes I do. *grins*

My Campaign Descision

Demetra: I'm home mother.

Beldam: Earlier than I make you come. Why is that?

Demetra: Because I need help for my campaign.

Beldam: What do you need?

Demetra: Slogan, Buttons, etc.

Beldam: Buttons oh you really couldn't have came up with that dear?

Demetra: What do you mean? *She sits down near Beldam*

Beldam: They're right on your face.

Demetra: They'd need to be bigger though.

Beldam: *getting a box of cocoa beetles* I have enlarged buttons for the wide eyed.

Demetra: That could work!

Beldam: I'll go get some. Do you want any cocoa beetles, the ones from Zanzibar. *gives Demetra the box and

goes off*

Demetra: Those are the best, sure. *Demetra opens the box and takes some*

Beldam: *enters room with a sewing box* Here are my lager buttons, and of course you'll need to sew so take

what you need.

Demetra: *grabbing many things* Thanks, but I still need a slogan.

Beldam: Why yes you do. How about "Vote Demetra, or I'll Sew Buttons in Your Eyes".

Demetra: Mother no, some student you can go right though them also threats are no why to get to the top

there. *Demetra points to the small door that leads to the Monster Community*

Beldam: It's not for me.

Demetra: Mother stop it, now please help me with a slogan.

Beldam: I don't know. Wait! "Vote Demetra, I Scare Because I Care"

Demetra: That's from one the human movies, taking away from a movie is not right.

Beldam: They don't know it's a movie they do not have that movie because it human correct.

Demetra: Yeah so I know it's a movie.

Beldam: They don't I would be okay to go with it, anyway it works for monsters.

Demetra: Okay, thanks mother. *Demetra goes to her room*

Now Demetra is sewing the big buttons on her friends shirts and anyone who is going to vote for her. She has also put poster all over the school with a head shot of her saying "Vote Demetra, I Scare Because I Care".

If I Won

1. I will try not to let my mother sew buttons in your eyes

2. Offer better school lunches/The food is the way you like it

3. Get softer mats for fearleading falls

4. Give you the option to die-sect online or for real

5. Color pictures for school paper

Demetra: Any ideas mother?

Beldam: Get rid of number one.

Demetra: Mother!

Beldam: Fine of fine.

Demetra: Any ideas though any ones that don't involve removing ones I have.

Beldam: Six, my mother will sew buttons in your eyes if I don't win.

Demetra: *writing down on a poster what Beldam said* Okay anymo- No! *notices she's using a permanent marker* AH!!!

Beldam: Stop it dear I need to focus on making dinner for Connor our next feast. *Puts chicken in the oven*

Demetra: But you made me write a threat.

Beldam: Only on one dear.

Demetra: No all. *Showes her all the posters*

Beldam: Oh, sorry dear.

I Wanted to be on the Chess Team

Demetra: Mother.

Beldam: Yes dear.

Demetra: I want to either be on the Chess Team or Choir.

Beldam: Which one.

Demetra: I don't know how to play chess, but I don't have the greatest voice either.

Beldam: I can edit your voice box you do have a nice voice.

Demetra: *shivers* Uh, no thank you. I actually wanted to ask you if you knew how to play chess?

Beldam: Yes Conner taught me. Which reminds me here's his arms. *Beldam gives Demetra two arms* Be glad I didn't give you his bottoms half.

Demetra: Yeah thanks. *Demetra picks up the left arm and eats the hand* Are you going to teach me chess or not.

Beldam: In a few hours.

Demetra: *mumbling* You're starting to sound like the mothers the kids had before you ate them.

Beldam: You should really stop mumbling dear.

In a few hours Demetra learned how to play chess. She won 3 out of 5 games that she played.

I Didn't Win

Beldam: So did you win. *Rerooting the doll's hair*

Demetra: No.

Beldam: Could you please get out of the room dear.

Demetra: *Leaves the room, closes the door, and leans trying to hear*

Beldam: *Going crazy, shouting, an occasional swear*

Demetra: Please don't become your spider form, please oh please.

Beldam: *Opens door* I'm okay now.

Demetra: *Mumbling* Yeah I doubt it.

Beldam: You really must stop mumbling or else I'll take away your ability to speak.

Demetra: Okay, okay. Over reacting much?

Beldam: *Steaming in anger* You little *letting it go* angel.


Beldam: I was going to ask this the other day. *sewing clothing*

Demetra: Hm.

Beldam: Who did win. You know for president.

Demetra: Oh... A girl I know. Nosferina Orlock.

Beldam: Really? What is it?

Demetra: She's girl first of all. Secondly she's the Daughter of Count Orlock, a vampire.

Beldam: You mean some vampire is the goverment leader to all the monsters?

Demetra: What? That's not what we were running for.

Beldam: What? You mean all of what you were doing was lies?

Demetra: What? I was running for president.

Beldam: What? Then how were you not running the goverment leader of all monsters?

Demetra: What? I wasn't running for that!

Beldam: What? Then it was lies, and you lied to me again!

Demetra: What? I did not just lie to you! I was running for president... *screams on the top of her lungs* OF THE SCHOOL!

Beldam: *softens down tone* What kind of power does that have?

Demetra: Just little things actually. The headmistress and superintendent still have the most power.

Beldam: *gets angry* What? So all I helped you with was for nothing?

Demetra: What? Did you not just hear me say little things?

Beldam: Wha-

Demetra: Before you say what, I'm going to my room because I have homework! *marches off*

Beldam: *sliently* What?

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