Della Big.

Della Big's basic outfit.

Della Big, Daughter Of Big Daddy.

Age: 15.

Killer Style: Well, I'm certainly into purple, suits, and dresses!

Freaky Flaw: I have to wear this uncomfortable helmet all the time.

Pet: Kirsty my cat. She is the best cat ever! And my dog, Kasey! She's great too!

Favorite Activity: Playing with my pets!

Biggest Pet Peeve: When people cut me off when I talk.

Favorites: I like math, my pets, eating, sleeping, and I dislike loud music, country music, and tree leaves.

BFF's: Draculaura, Violet Vampira, and many more.

Della is a very nice girl, once she meets up with a girl she likes her unless the girl is mean. Della is very fun to be with, and she accepts any offers. She likes to sing, so if others like to sing, she becomes friends with them. All that kind of stuff happens. She solves awkward situations and bad ones. She is sometimes annoying, but that is only when she is hyper. She offers a lot of things. After all, Della seems like a great friend to live with in high school. I only have the drawing of her basic so far.