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Deathony Reaper is the younger sister of Kim Reaper and daughter of the Grim Reaper. She is 130 years old and a student at Monster Fright Middle School. Here is her bio.

Name: Deathony Reaper


Monster Parent: the Grim Reaper

Killer Style: I add a little skeleton style with bight colors, but you already knew that didn't you, oh you know me so well!

Freaky Flaw: Well I hate admiting that I have a flaw, but we all have to, it's part of being ourselves, is it not? If you must know, my flaw is that some monsters think I can be a little too chatty and upbeat, but there is no such thing as being to happy!

Favorite Color: My dad doesn't approve of it, but my personality calls for my favorite color being yellow.

Favorite Food: Oh, I know this one, wait don't tell me, oh, oh, what is it, oh yah my favorite food is pink lemonade.

Pet: Sunny, my hiper active jack russel puppy. He's always chewing on me, I guess that's the bad part of being a skeleton.

Favorite Activity: bringing joy and happyness to other monsters! Oh and picking flowers!

Pet Peeve: when monsters say that because I'm a reaper I have to be cruel and always threatening other monsters that if they upset me they're on my list. Oh! Me, really, would I ever do such a thing?

BFF's: I know not everyone likes me and I'm okay with that, well I'm sorda okay with that, but I try to be everyone's beast friend!

Favorite Subject:Let me see, no not that, oh it could, not that, oh yah I love Math, I can write eqautions just as fast as I can talk!

Least Favorite Subject: Drama, some of it's just depressing. Besides, with all the fake deaths plays bring, they're practicly making a mokery of the family buiseness.


  • Her name is a pun on the word death and the name Bethony.
  • Her birthday is on May 20th.

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