Deathension Club's logo created by Zena (aka iEatIdiots)

Deathension Club is an unofficial School Club at Monster High, It consists of several students who tend to end up in 'Deathension' frequently for whatever reason, whether it be interrupting the teacher, being late, being rude, or being disrespectful.


The 'Deathension Club' consists of quite a few members Dracubitez , Alexis Underworld, Electra Proton, Felicity Faust, Daniella Johnson, Verde Gang, Messa Logios, Seymour Griffin, Raina Taylor, Eliza Paradox, Angelina Dark, Agara Worth, Ashleigh, and more. Alexis Underworld seems to lead the Deathension Club.


The Deathension Club doesn't exactly do any school activities, except a few of them go out and TP, spraypaint, skateboard or graffiti random stuff. In the group, "Deathension Club " on they do roleplays and other character developing activities with their "Deathension" members.

A notable incident in the group was during Charrie Convo, where Zena suddenly decided to send an army at butterflies to attack Alexis. Soon, there was a fight, and lots of popcorn involving Kronos' spear and a singing llama.


The Deathension Club came to be when LeiVeil gathered a couple friends and told them about her idea of a "Deathension Club," they all agreed to become a part of it and since then the club has expanded and new members have joined.


Being rebels and the likes, a uniform is rarely required. However, many members seem to wear jeans, a t-shirt with a clever saying, a jacket and black shoes to pull off a "rebel" look.

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