Lunaii Sunny

Lunaii Sunny

Dawn and Sunny are daughter of Eos greek goddess of sunset.They are step twin sisters of Eos's son.(They will have seperate bios).Dawn is a tomboy while Sunny is girly.Despite that they are titan they are still olympian gods like their cousins Artemis,Apollo,Athena and you know the rest!Dawn is also in the club hunters of Artemis.
Lunaii Dawn

Basic Dawn in Lunaii form.

Name:Dawn Rise


Killer Style:Greek and roman are my style.

Freaky Flaw:Well for one I can't fly...yeah most gods don't have wings but my mother does well I get that from my father not from my stepfather who is a god.

Pet:I have a wolf named Alyssa after a queen that I knew and after a cousin of mine.

Favourite Activity:flying and hunting with a friend of mine and her brother named Andrea Hunt,Drake Hunt,Artemis and my cousin Mathias.

Biggest Pet Peeve:My sister Sunny so girly and eww!Oh yeah and also "mean ghouls".

Favourite School Subject:P.E Well you should already know why.

Least Favourite School Subject:Feirce Fashion 101 because too ghouly!

Favourite Colour:blue!

Favourite Food:Salted Fish.

BFF's:Drake Hunt I sort of have a crush on him,Andrea Hunt and Alyssa and that's just it because I don't know her last name.

Name:Sonia 'Sunny' Rise!!

Age:Ageless of course!

Killer Style:Greek after all I am a greek titan goddess...sorry mum!

Freaky Flaw:Flaw? what flaw why should I tell you!

Pet:A Peacock named Amara cause' she's the most beautifulist thing in the world.

Favourite Activity:shopping and listening to Taylor Shift!

Biggest Pet Peeve: My sister and hunting.

Favourite School Subject:Feirce Fashion 101 totally!

Least Favourite School Subject:P.E you should already know why.

Favourite Colour: Pink.

Favourite Food:Strawberry Cupcakes best thing tasted since 1901!

BFF's:Cleo De Nile,Nefera De Nile and Valery Stripe my little peasant friend yeah that's what she is to me...oh and C.A Cupid.