Darlia Scaleflame is an OC based on the Dragon character from the Create-A-Monster sets. However, Thenaturals has given the character a personality and interests.


Darlia is a fiesty, confident and friendly dragon girl who likes dancing. However, her problems are that she has a fiery temper, and trying to breathe heavily causes fire to emerge, which can burn someone in the corridor. Darlia's also got a bit of an ego and tries to make it revolve around her, yet she's a very supportive character to some people.

Basis upon Create-A-Monster

Darlia is based entirely on the Create-A-Monster Dragon ghoul, and is not considered an actual 'OC' of Thenaturals.


The differences between Darlia and the Dragon ghoul are wider due to sharing in the packs. Therefore, Darlia has a new wig and new shoes.