She is nice, but is often pesimistic. She is very smart. She is also VERY sarcastic.


Her pet is a bloodland pony named Harmony


  • Family

She lives with her father and normie mother in what Darcy calls a 'cave'. ("It's not really a cave, it's just really unadvanced technologly) She gets along with her mother better than her father because she blames him for her chaos-bringing trait. ("Well it's true!)

  • Friends

She is BFFs with Fantina Bride and Rose Golem. (Both Pineapple Party's) Rose is the optimistic one of the group, but has a HUGE secret. (Yes, I used bold and italic, BECAUSE I'M AWESOME!) Fantina is very quiet, but more social than her younger cousin, Shade Darkness. (Also Pineapple Party's)

  • Romance

She is dating Mason Manticore. Him being optimistic and her being pesimistic it is a really good example of opposites attract. They are both interested in the arts.&nbsp

Origin of Species

You would have to be a brony to know.