Daphne has a sweet disposition on life. She is always trying to be kind to others. But, compared to her sisters she is the most different (they all love each other though) She is also, school vice president under Nosferina Orlok.

Physical Description

Daphne has long, brown, curly hair with one aquamarine streak. She is very tan and has a mole under her left eye. Her eyes are aquamarine colored. She has a beautiful voice with a slight caribbean accent.



Daphne has a descent relationship with her father, he teachers how to play the organ. Daphne' relationship with her two sisters, Damentia and Dani are incredibly strong they do a lot of things together. Daphne has never met her mom but, she has met her half-sister (Through her mom) Zenovia Song, which she finds very creepy. Daphne is cousins with Dakota Locre-Jones.


Daphne has many friends but, her two best friends are Demona Scorpian and Gwendolyn WitchHazel. She is never not with at least one of them.