Danielle "Dani" Jones is the daughter of Davy Jones.

Dani was created by JackandDannysGirl on deviantart.


Dani can seem unapproachable at first due to her quiet demeanor, but when you get to know her you realize that she is a fun and loyal friend. She is not afraid to take charge and actually wants to take over her father’s role as captain of his ship when she’s older. She has no patience for arrogance and disrespect towards anyone and will call anyone out when they are guilty of either behavior. She is willing to stand up for her friends no matter what the cost. She is against any kind of discrimination since she is a lesbian and has witnessed the struggle that homosexuals have to go through.

She uses pirate slang in her everyday conversations and gets annoyed when she has to remind her friends again and again what she’s saying.

Sexual Orientation

Dani is a lesbian but chooses to keep quiet about it except for her closest friends, mainly Bo Geyman. Dani developed a distaste for men while living with her father’s crew all of her life. She’s always found women to be beautiful creatures but her living arrangements throughout her childhood only pushed her more towards her preference of females.

Physical Appearance

Dani has green, barnacley skin with seaweed, sea urchins and other sea life sticking out of flesh. She wears an eye patch on her left eye at all times to cover the sea anemone that sticks out of her eye socket, in place of where her eyeball should be. Her other eye is a greenish blue. She has extremely dark green (almost black) hair with green streaks.

Monster Type

Dani’s is the daughter of Davy Jones, the captain of the ghostly ship the Flying Dutchman. Dani’s father is the Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Davy in these movies appears as an octopus faced, lobster clawed, sea creature and Dani resembles him with her own sea life encrusted skin.



  • Dani’s father is the ghostly sea creature, Davy Jones. Her mother is the sea goddess Calypso. Her parents were in love but complications arose and both parties were hurt. Calypso later found out that she was pregnant with Davy’s child and, still extremely bitter at Davy, dumped the newborn barnacley girl on Davy. Dani hasn’t seen her mother since she was dropped on dad. Dani’s relationship with her father is strong and they get along fairly well, though Davy prefers to spend his time alone in his quarters. Dani and her father swordfight for fun and Davy teaches his daughter how to be a ship’s captain. Sometimes it can be awkward between them as Davy has confused that Dani reminds him of Dani’s mother, which brings back bad memories. Though her and father have a good relationship, she feels that her preference for women will disappoint him so she rarely speaks of it.
  • Daphne Jones (half sister). Dani and Daphne have a strong bond and spend a lot of time together. Dani can become jealous of Daphne at times as she thinks their father likes her better.
  • Damentia Jones (half sister). Damentia is the crazy sibling, hense her name, and Dani often has to watch out for her.
  • Davey Joneses (half sister)
  • Dalton “Dally” Jones (half brother). Dani adores her younger brother. Because Dally is homosexual just as she is, Dani looks out for him and sticks up for her brother whenever anyone gives him trouble.
  • Dakota Locre-Jones (cousin)
  • Izabella Jones (sister)
  • Isla "Issy" Jones (cousin)



  • Dani dislikes drunken and disrespectful men due to the majority of her life spent around them. She doesn’t have any enemies in particular but she hates any man that disrespects women and are rude.


  • Dani has grown strong feelings for her best friend, Lagoona Blue. She became fixated with Lagoona the moment they met on Dani’s first day at Monster High. They hung out more and grew closer, strengthening Dani’s feelings. Dani was hurt when she found out that Lagoona had a crush on Gil Webber and her poor barnacle incrusted heart sank even lower when the two started dating. Dani has kept her feelings hidden due to fear that her sexual preferences would scare Lagoona and ruin their friendship. She wants Lagoona to be happy so her feelings remain hidden.
  • Some sexual tension may or may not be building between Dani and Brooklyn Shasa Ormanda.


Dani is into the pirate fashion and it is seen in through her clothing.


Dani’s hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She wears a light blue corset top with poofy sleeves and white trim. She wears darker blue knee length pants with a gray paid ripped skirt over it. She has a brown belt with a gold starfish buckle and a fish skeleton and seashells hanging from the belt. She has fishnet stockings underneath her pants and she wears black wedge heel boots with blue ribbon wrapped around her ankles and the top of the boots. She wears a sword at her hip, a fish bone necklace, gold hoop earrings, a purple shell eye patch covering her left eye, and a blue pirate hat with a big white feather, a lobster claw, and seashells on the top.

Gloom Beach

Dani’s hair is pulled back in a ponytail but it leans to the side. She wears a strapless dark blue swimsuit with black belt around the waist. She wears a gray plaid sash around her waist and blue wedge sandals with pearls and seashells on them. She has dark gold hoop earrings, a purple shell eye patch covering her left eyes, and a blue green bandana with skull and crossbones on her head.

Dawn of the Dance

Dani’s hair is down and has a slight wave in it. She wears a red tavern dress that is ripped at the bottom to show a tattered white underskirt. She wears a black corset and a brown sash over her dress. She wears black heeled boots with belts around them. She wears a black captain’s hat with white frills, gold trim, and a red ribbon on it. She has a black eye patch with a pink heart on it over her left eye, gold hoop earrings, a pearl choker, and a golden amulet.

Dead Tired

Dani’s hair is in pigtails. She wears a loose white night shirt, turquoise pajama pants with skull and crossbones on them, and pink octopus heeled slippers. She wears a blue sleeping mask with a wavy pattern and a pink star fish on it. It is tilted to the side of her head so it covers her left eye.

School's Out

Dani’s hair is down and has a turquoise braid coming out of her hair. She wears a short purple dress with a dark purple corset and loose sleeves. She wears knee high black boots with hook heels and purple ribbons around the ankles. She wears a black hat with a blue bow and assorted green and blue feathers. She wears a

purple shell eye patch over her left eye, a black choker with a gold starfish, and fishbone earrings.


Dani owns a pet purple female squid named Squishy.


Dani's skullette is a skull with eyelashes, a seashell eye patch on its left eye, a pirate hat with a big feather, gold hoop earrings, and barnacles on its cheeks.