Quotation1 Toralei, don't do it for the Ghouls, do it for me. Quotation2
Damien convincing Toralei to help Frankie and the Ghouls.

Damien Wayne is the son of Batman and Catwoman (aka Bruce and Selina Kyle Wayne).

Damien Wayne



Killer Style

I wear black.

Freaky Flaw

I'm attracted to bad girls. I know. Me, the son of the Caped Crusader.


Ace Jr. is my pet puppy. I like to dress him in his father's outfit.

Favorite Activity

I like to right wrongs. Also hanging out with my step sister and the other monster kids.

Biggest Pet Peeve

I don't want to be a crime fighter. Also the two Quinn sisters Harper and Jessica.

Fav. School Subject

Mad Science. I like science, kind of like dad.

Least fav. School Subject

Home Ick. The food is kind of weird.

Favorite Color

Black. It's a bat thing

Favorite Food

I like hot dogs.

Origin of Species

Damien is the son of Batman and Catwoman. He was born after the events in The Dark Knight Rises. It appears his parents got married in Florence, Italy and after he was born, he was sent back to America to be raised by Alfred. Eventually his parents came back to raise him and Cathrine. His mother suggested that he should attend Monster High with his half sister.


Unlike his father, Damien is a very cheerful and mischevious boy. He is also very athletic. Although he can be just as serious as his father. Just like his father, Damien is very smart and a detective. Most of the vampires (Draculaura, Gory, etc.) are big fans of his father while the werecats (Toralei, Purrsephone and Meowlody, etc.) are big fans of his mother. He's like a combination of Aladdin and Peter Pan.



Damien lives with his parents in, of course, Wayne Manor. Only now it has thousands of cats ever since his parents got married. He gets along with Cat very well. He also has four normie sisters named Hillary, Youlanda, Darcy, and Oretha and a brother named Sidney. Richard is his adopted nephew.


Damien is best friends with Deuce Gorgon, Bailey Gordon, Richard Grayson, Jr. AKA Nightwing II,  David Fortesque, Jackson Jekyll, Gillington "Gil" Webber and Clawd Wolf. He is also friends with his werecat half sister, Cathrine Kyle.


Damien has a rivalry with Heath Burns. His other enemies are the Quinn siblings, Rocco and Jarrod Williams. Most of the Gotham Group hates him because of his father's reputation and Jarrod and Rocco hate him because he's dating their ex-girlfriend Toralei. And although Damien doesn't see him as an enemy, Dozer Gorgon also hates him for this reason.


Damien is dating Toralei Stripe. He tries to convince her to stop being mean, but she doesn't listen. But he still loves her. Being the son of Batman he's won the affections of many ghouls and girls. He once dated Tanya al Ghul but broke up with her. Mostly because he found out about her grandfather and didn't trust her. Bailey Gordon has a crush on him but, due to his relationship with Toralei, he fails to notice it. Hailey Quinn and Sari Isley also have crushes on him and strive to protect him from the Gotham Group and their own families. Frankie Stein once had a crush on him until she found out he was Toralei's boyfriend. Luna Midnight has a crush on him too. Damien's dad and Richard don't approve of his relationship with Toralei. Felicia Minerva is in love with him too even though he is dating her best friend. Diane Trevor also has a crush one him too, and fights with Felicia for his affections. As his relationship with Toralei deepens, he realizes that sometimes it's good to be a little bad.


  • In the webisodes he is voiced by Patrick Cavanaugh who did the voice of Damian in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • Damien's relationship with Toralei is similar to his parents' relationship and his past relationship with Tanya is similar to Bruce and Talia al Ghul's (Tanya's mother and Bruce Wayne's ex-girlfriend) past relationship.
  • Damien's friendship with Richard Grayson Jr. is similar to the Dynamic Duo Batman and Robin (Richard's father, Dick Grayson, was the first Robin).
  • Damien's rivalry with (most of) the Quinn siblings is similar to his father's rivalry with The Joker.
  • Felicia Minerva's crush on Damien is similar to the Justice League episode, "Injustice For All: Part 2" in which Batman vamps Cheetah into helping him foil Lex Luthor.
  • Diane Trevor's crush on Damien is similar to her mother's relationship with Batman in Justice League.