Dallin is very new at Monster High so he is sometimes cautious. He's also very nice.

Physical Appearance

He has red hair and green eyes. And if you look closely at his neck you could see some sort of scar.


Dallin is from Ireland, so he speaks with an Irish accent, and he is an exchange student at Monster High. He was able to bring his horse but not his wagon so when he arrived he got a car (but he had no idea how to drive it so he's taking Driving 101).

Classic Monster

Dallin is the son of the Dullahan, which is a myth from Ireland. When it stops riding its wagon, it means that the person is due to die. Dullahans ride wagons driven by their horses, carry a whip which is made from a human spine, and can take off their heads. They also probably inspired The Headless Horseman.



Both his parents are Dullahans and Headless Headmistress Bloodgood is his aunt.


Deuce Gorgon, Clawd Wolf, and Jackson Jekyll. He met and became friends with the new kid. His name is Devin Dover.


He once went on a date with Zelda but she decided that they should be friends. Now he has a crush on Abbey.



Dallin wears black pants, black combat boots, and a black leather jacket.

Dawn of the Dance

Dallin wears a black tux with a blue pufffy shirt and grey sneakers.

Gloom Beach

Dallin wears a black gray shirt with strange buttons, gray shorts, a black armband, and black sandals.

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