"Are you in posession of the rare Disheart cream, or is that just moisturizer?" - Dakota is curious about a cream in someone's locker.

Dakota Locre-Jones is the niece of Davy Jones.


Dakota is sneaky, smart and quite cunning. She enjoys snooping around, and has an odd fascination-obsession with lockers. She even locks people in their lockers. However, she does have a soft spot - she can be supportive to newer students, helping them and being like a matriarchal figure. She knows how to get people on her side. In addition, her attitude can be pretty scary...don't be surprised if you can't sleep the night after because of her.

Origin of Species

Dakota is the niece of Davy Jones, so his brother would have been Dakota's father. One thing connected with this is that Dakota has the 'biggest locker in school' as in Davy Jones' Locker.



Dakota's parents (Davy Jones' brother and sister-in-law) live in a sunken ship. Dakota is cousins with Daphne Jones and presumably Dani Jones and Damentia Jones.


Dakota has many connections with people friend-wise. Dakota is good friends with Electra Proton and Lori 'Nerds' Wonka. Her other main friend and lackey is Tessa Anticlonic, who can't talk, so Datoka translates what she says.


Dakota's pet is an octopus named Plunge. The fact that it is an octopus is connected with the tentacles on Davy Jones.


Dakota is also a charming temptress. However, she does not have a solid relationship like this with a specific person.



Dakota wears a black bolero jacket over a light blue T-shirt depicting a toaster and slices of toast. She wears teal jeans and black and blue buckled shoes.

Dawn of the Dance


Dead Tired



  • "Just lookin..."
  • "Does anyone understand this pastime but me?"
  • "Yes, I snoop. Get over it."
  • "Please just get out of my way. I need to see this miraculous thing!"


  • Dakota is also related to many other Jones' OCs. But there's a lot of them that I don't know yet...
  • The thirteenth chapter of Monster High: Blame it on the Ghouls is about Dakota. It WILL fit in with the plot.
  • Dakota's diary will revolve around her trying to find herself a new pastime, as she isn't in school so she can't snoop in lockers.