Cyber Nights
Season 1, Episode 2
Episode guide
Broken on Dreams


The students of Ghoul School go to a night club to celebrate passing the first week of school.


Shannon has fled from Pixie Village due to her parents wanting to her to marry a rich elf named Jamesery.As she left her village,it was dark at night.When Shannon noticed some bright lights flashing at a near by club she curiously went inside.

Holt is sitting on his own ,gazing at the lights and thinking about Frankie, when he sees Shannon.Shannon goes to sit down on the chairs when Holt comes over to her.Shannon smiles at him as he grins back.They start flirting with each other as Frankie watched them jealously.

When Shannon leaves the club a 3 eyed monster grabs her.Holt has a fight with the 3 eyed monster in order to free Shannon.Spectra sees all this and reports it on her blog.Shannon sets free of the 3 eyed monster and runs away. Holt calls after her but she has gone already.

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