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Season 1, Episode 11
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The Gates Open

Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 11: It's all eyes on the stage as the opening night of the play draws near and there's more drama off stage then on.


Grimz is backstage yelling directions at monsters in costumes saying this is the opening night and they need to be perfect. Toralei comes in and says that every thing is running smoothly and they're all ready to go. Grimz says thanks and quickly turns back to the actors. Toralei sighs and walks off stage.

In the crowd everyone takes their seats while Holt is talking to Deuce asking where Frankie is. Deuce says to calm down and that she'll show eventually. Holt says yeah and begins to worry again.

Toralei comes to the edge of the stage and begins telling actors where to go. Grimz comes up and asks if they're ready to go. Toralei says yes and signals for the curtain to be raised. The curtain lifts and spotlights shine on Teala as she begins her lines. Grimz smiles at Toralei on the other side of the stage and she just ignores him.

In the auditorium Frankie walks in and looks around for Holt until Melody walks up to her. She asks why she's waiting and points Holt out to her. Frankie says she's still mad at him for lying. Melody says that instead of being angry at him she should support him and try to find him a new place to go after school. Frankie says she's right and smiles. Melody takes her seat and Frankie follows her to the seat next to Holt. He's excited and asks if she forgives him. She says yes and smiles. The two hold hands and watch the play.

The curtain closes on act one and the actors walk off stage. Grimz comes up to Toralei and says good job. She quickly says thanks and looks away. Grimz starts asking why she's being so distant with him lately and Toralei responds saying why is he being so clueless about things. Grimz screams that she rejected his signals. They both begin screaming about their relationship while the audience look at the curtain in awe from the voices behind it. Eventually Toralei and Grimz confess their feelings for each other. They smile and signal the next scene.

At the end of the play the actors take their bows. Grimz and Toralei walk out on stage holding hands and bow while smiling.


  • Beginning of relationship between Grimz Reaper and Toralei Stripes.

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