"So I messed up one potion...okay a lot of potions."

- Curstie in her diary

Curstie is the 15 year old daughter of the witch. She has a pet purple Chinchilla named Chilly and is on the fearleading team starting in Season 2 Volume 2 of the webisodes.


Curstie is generally very nice although she seems rude and uncaring to some. This is mostly because she tends to focus more on her close friends rather than all monsters. Neesless to say she is almost never mean to other monsters. She has few enemies, the only ones being Toralie and her werecat minions; although sometimes Curstie has trouble getting alone with Cleo.

Physical Description

Custie has slightly pale skin and is slightly shorter tan the other monsters, although still reasonably taller than Draculaura. She has misty-skye blue eyes and her eyelashes are slightly thicker than the other monsters, probably caused by wearing a lot of mascara. Her hair is a pale blonde with slightly darker streaks and is rather frizzie and wavy. Cusrtie doesn't seem to have any physical similarities with classic witch's but does prefer colors such as grey, purple, and black.



Cusrtie's mother is a witch and her father (if she even has one) is never mentioned. Curstie has a little sister named Spella who is several years younger than her (exactly how many years is never stated). Curstie lives with her mother, sister, and Aunt Heather (who is also a witch) in "a scary cute little chalet on the outskirts of town". It is unknown if she has anyother relatives although she mentions her grandmother sending her a new top in her School's Out diary.


Her froemds are Draculaura, Lagoona Blue, Spectra Vondergeist and Frankie Stein.