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Monster Parent Jack Frost
Killer Style Sometimes I'll add a touch of fur to my outfits FAKE FUR of course.
Freaky Flaw I get cold often.
Pet Sparkel is my sweet little polor bear. She's adorable and always cheers me up.
Favorite Activity I love volenteering at charities and animal shelters. I also love hanging out with friends.
Biggest Pet Peeve Cruelness and that includes monsters that treat animals and the enviroment badly.
Fav School Subject Science, I love learning about the Earth and animals.
Least Fav Subject Bitelogy, it's terrible having to dissect an animal that is someones relative.
Favorite Color Blue and white
Favorite Food Fresh and frosted suger cookies and hot coco.
BFFs Lagoona Blue and Abby Bominable
Crystal Frost may be cold on the outside but is very warm on the inside. She loves animals of all kinds and helping monsters. Crystal volunteers at many different charites. She is very trust worthy and honest. She often has a hard time telling her friends the truth if it is something that would hurt their feelings. She would rather hide than answer their question. This has caused her some problems with her BFFs. Crystal Frost is very kind and always willing to lend
Basic Crystal Frost

Basic Crystal Frost

School's Club Snowboarding Crystal Frost

Crystal Frost's Snowboarding Outfit

School's Out Crystal Frost

School's Out Crystal Frost

Dead Tired Crystal Frost

Dead Tired Crystal Frost

Gloom Beach Crystal Frost

Gloom Beach Crystal Frost

Dawn of the Dance Crystal Frost

Dawn of the Dance Crystal Frost

Crystal Frost's Wallpaper

Crystal Frost's Wallpaper

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