"Creepy Cool New Ghoul" is my Monster High webisode featuring backgrounders, Felicia Krueger, Jade Voorhees, Grimi Sutcliff, Mindy Doctor, Carla Greene and the new ghoul, Casey Greene.


Casey is having problems with her friends. She is trying to make a new friend, but she can't when she tries! So then, Casey and the ghouls try to find a spot, but they didn't find one. They were looking for a spot without floods of students. The outsides, the insides, all over school is just monsters! Casey started to get an idea and said go back to their block. Their block was flooded with people. Casey lead them to her house and they went into her room. They started discussing ways that Casey can get a friend. Casey started to write down everything and felt happier, but wondered if it would work.

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