PERSONALITY: Craig is an easy-going guy. He can be strict when he see something isn't right. His gilrfriend, Magnolia Taur,

even finds him strict, but never tells him that.


Craig wears a spiked black leather jacket, jeans, brwon shirt, black converse shoes, and he has silick brown hair with black high-lights.



Craig lives by himself most of the time (since his parents work a lot). He is an only child.


' 'His friends are Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde. He know that they are the same person.


Craig has a beautiful girlfriend named Magnolia Taur.

  • PET:

Craig has a solid black mouse with red beady-eyes named Danger. He said he thought it was a boy, but it really was a girl.


Cerbus is a monster-dog with three heads. He is about the size of a wooly mammoth. Hades, god of the Underworld, owns this hound because Cerbus guards the entrance to the Underworld. That way, none of the undead could escape.

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