Age: 15

Monster Parent: Corpse Bride & Victor

Killer Style: I wear my blue ripped and black dress with spider-webs, my dark blue hair highlited with a light blue streak in extremely long pigtails and I wear flats with spider-webs.

Freaky Flaw: I'm a great singer (so good it can hypnotize you, or break the windows of MH).

Pet: A spider named Webbetria she's a very talented Black Widow even when she's making spiderwebs.

Favorite Activity: Singing/ Piano lessons and Baking.

Biggest Pet Peeve: My skeletol body parts tend to fall off from time to time.

Least Favorite Activity: Anything that dosn't have my doing my favorite things.

Favorite Color: Light blue and Dark blue.

Favorite Food: Spiderweb Spagetti (yum!)

Bffs: Dracelle and Ula D