Info about Cole


Cole is a sweet but tough guy. He loves to play sports with his friends and family plus if he's in a relationship Cole tries to keep her safe and doesn't try to hurt her.

Physical Description

Like most of the Wolf family he has brown fur all over his body. His eyes are gold like his family but he shows only one fang unlike his sisters Clawdeen and Howleen.


Family Cole loves his family very much but his big family has very big drama. They don't fight but there is sibling rivarly. But the Wolf family looks out for one another and cares for eachother no matter what.


Cole is best friends with Frankie Stein, Deuce Gorgon, Cleo denile, Draculaura, Ghoulia, Jackson Jekyll, Belle, and Lagoona.


He's currently dating his best friend Belle Draculila who is a vampire but he doesn't care what kind of monster or the war like past between werewolfs and vampires. He loves to make Belle happy so he lets her know that their love is real by saving their precious memories.


Cole has a dog he named Sam. Cole found Sam when he was a little puppy and his parents let him keep him so then they grew a bond of friendship.