Cole Asher is the son of the Fire Elementals.


Cole is a wild and crazy monster, although he can be serious (and sometimes even grouchy) if he wants to be. He'll stand up for those in trouble, especially his girlfriend Felicia Tailian . Cole is also very down-to-earth and, even though he's considered to be a celebrity with his band, never acts snobbishly or rudely.

Physical Description

Cole has a slight muscular figure. He has bright orange hair that's spiked up. His eyes are a bloodshot red and he also has some stubble on his chin, but he doesn't have any proper facial hair.



Cole's parents, Charrie and Flam Asher, have a close relationship with their son. Because Cole is an only child, his parents gave him theri full attention and care.


Cole's best friends are his bandmates, B-Bone, Jay and Prana. The band have become very succesful in the last few years and are preparing to release a new album called 'Moonless Nights'


Felicia Tailian is Cole's current girlfriend who he is planning on proposing to. The two have a very close relationship, as Felicia will often visit and even stay at Cole's house.

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