Coheed Jötnar is the son of Grendel from Beowulf.

Coheed was created by JackandDannysGirl on deviantart.


Coheed usually has a cool personality and doesn’t say much. He easily loses his temper and gets very physical when upset. He’s very courageous and will never turn down a challenge. He’s very much into sports, boxing especially, and can be a sore loser. Coheed cares a lot for the people close to him and will remain loyal to them till the end.

Physical Appearance

Coheed is tall and has a muscular build. He has gray-green skin and orange eyes. He has upturned fangs that stick out of his mouth, pointed ears, and three spikes on each arm. His hair is dark brown and done up in dreadlocks parted on the side with the sides of his head shaven. The sides of his head bear tattoos of Anglo-Saxon symbols meaning “spear” and “thorn” on either side. He also has wrist tattoos and an Old English word for “courage” tattooed on his back.

Monster Type

Coheed is the son of Grendel. Grendel is a monstrous demon from hell in the story Beowulf. Grendel was pitted against the hero Beowulf and was slain by the Anglo-Saxon warrior.



  • Coheed lives with his aunt, his father’s sister. She does her best to raise her nephew but she’s busy and isn’t around much.
  • Both of Coheed’s parents are dead. His mother died during childbirth and his father was killed centuries ago by Beowulf.

  • Coheed has no known siblings.



  • Coheed has no particular enemies.




Coheed wears a black short sleeved muscle shirt under a bronze armored vest. He wears tan shorts decorated with buckles and a large belt with an Anglo-Saxon symbol on the front. He wears dark striped boots with buckles around the ankles. He has bandages wrapped around his palms.


Coheed has a pet male baby dragon named Cain.


Coheed’s Skullette is a skull with upturned fangs, pointed ears, and markings on the side of its head.