Cloe dairy

my royalty stay alone with me

September 30

OMG it’s my 1900 birthday all of my pople come to celebret my bh .So my dad give me a Egypt dreese that is the colour gold and dark violet it’s so buetiful so my grandpa just give me money, so my grandma give me money to buy something.My uncle give me a celender that have my face on it how he do that?. So my auntie gave me a shoe and lase but not least my sister give a card that made by her own two hand it’s ok but she put to many glue she use strong glue an it was really hard to get that of.

July 15

Yay it rain so i can't go out and play yeppy!!!!! It was fun playing out side so I play with my sister, I play and play cause it is really long for us to wait. So it was very fun and then we need to get inside cause it stop raining, I totaly miss the rain.

July 16

I took my sister and me go to the maul we got so much money so we buy some dreeses ,shoe’s ,jewerly we buy alot of jewelly and some phone we go o the salon and much much other stuff it was really fun cause we have time together and get to know each other and more stuff I love her so much.

August 12

Nothing to do just sitting in my room waching other people doing they work being a midnight Egypt princess is so.. boring i cant even clime on tree or be derty it’s so borring i cant do anthing just seet in my room sleeping or reading books and other stuff.