Clawrline Wolf is daughter of werewolfs and sister of Clawdeen. Her twin is Howleen.


She is talkative and childish. She is annoying.

Classic Monster

She is daughter of a werewolf, a very popular monster.


See The Wolf Family.


Breanna,Lina,Eliza and Lori.


Shelly, a very mean turtle that she still loves.


She has a major crush on Jackson Jekkyl but a minor crush on Holt Hyde.



Basic-She has her long hair with bangs teal highlights and a teal bow. She has a pink and blue turtle neck long sleeve short dress with a hot pink bow on it. She wears teal and pink sneakers. She has pink earrings.


"Jackson or Holt, Frankie?" Clawrline asked Frankie in Truth or Triple Dog Dare? "Howleen,you wanna get Burger Scream?" Clawroline makes up with Howleen in Howleen at the moon. "Cleo,Nefra,Julianne. Hate,Hate,Love?" Clawrline is confused about Julianne.

Back Story

Clawroline and Howleen were born in a hospital in New York. During that trip also, Clawdeen gets obsessed with fashion.Anyway, when they got back to there home. A baby shower was thrown for them. While Howleen mostly got home made teddy bears, Clawroline mostly got store boughten puppie plushies. When she was 1, her mom got her Shelly the turtle. Clawroline loved her, which Shelly hated. At age 5, she met Spectra. She hated that she was a gossip, but liked her reporting skills. They were GFFs until Spectra told Clawroline's biggest secret:Clawroline has a crush on the boy next door: Jackson Jekkyl. They were enemies for a day, but became friends again a day later.