my zom-bunny apocolyse

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clawdie wolf

Clawdia Wolf is the younger sister of Clawdeen and Clawd wolf. Shes 14 and loves o hang out with clawdeen and her bet zom-bunny named pocalypse. her favorite color is purple and she loves to play casketball. she takes pocalypse along with her when ever she can.


Daughter of the werewolf

age: 14

KILLER STYLE: I love my punky boots!! they are black with silver buckles. I also like my earings i never ware studs only hoops.

FREAKY FLAW: i hate to take a bath! i mean sure im not a werecat but i just dont really like to get wet!!

FAVORITE COLOR: purple... all kinds of purple.

FAVORITE FOOD: steak and bacon (mmmm bacon)

PET PEEVE: Cleo de nile and nefera de nile oh my gosh they think they are incharge cause they were queens like 5'000 years ago :/

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: shopping with my older sister clawdeen wolf <3

PET: my zom-bunny pocalypse... i love her so much i just cant ever have her around crescent or rockseena (she might eat them) but she is such a sweet undead bunny when shes not trying to nibble my fingers off!!

BFFS: clawdeen wolf and toralei stripe

FAVORITE SUBJECT: fierce fashion 101, its the best cause i love fashion and i want to dress like my sister.

LEAST FAVORITE SUBJECT: home ick...enought said "ick"