Clawdia Wolf's Diary


October 1

This was my first day at "Monster High." If I could put it into two words it would be uhh-mazing.

I'm so glad I'm not going to that dumb middle school. Everyone always made fun of me just because I was smart. "Monster High" is much more accepting.

I haven't made any friends yet but everyone seemed much nicer. I'm sure I'll meet some friends soon.

Gotta go eat dinner. We're having steak, my favorite.

October 2,

I met a friend my age with killer style. Her name's Draculayla. I met her at Home Ick class and we talked about fashion, of course. We told each other about some of the best and worst outfits we've ever seen. I could just go on and on about fashion.

Also, we talked about how hard it was being the smartest. It's a gift and a curse but now we're happy. Those monsters are bullies and we'll just ignore them.

It turns out Draculayla was Draculaura's sister. I asked her what her phone number was and it was the same as Draculaura's home phone number. We both can't get phones untill we're fifteen.

She's sleeping over this weekend. I'm very excited but I just hope our food (meat) doesn't make her pass out.

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