Basic Clawdia Wolf

Basic Clawdia Wolf

Dawn of the Dance Clawdia Wolf

Dawn of the Dance Clawdia Wolf

Gloom Beach Clawdia Wolf

Gloom Beach Clawdia Wolf

Dead Tired Clawdia Wolf

Dead Tired Clawdia Wolf

Clawdia's Pet Leopard Lushes

Clawdia's pet leopard Lushes

Clawdia is Clawdeen's younger sister. Like Draculayla, she is very intelligent and skipped 7th and 8th grade. She's a freshmonster at Monster High. Clawdia is very picky about her clothes. She LOVES fashion and dreams about being a world famous fashion designer. In her old middle school she was often picked on, but has found Monster High to be a more accepting place.

Daughter of The Werewolf

Age: 13

Killer Style: I love anything that's lepord print. Also, I love boots and wear them with almost everything.

Freaky Flaw: Everyone is at least twice my age and all the things the full moon makes me do.

Favorite Color: Black, it goes with everything.

Favorite Food: Steak rare

Biggest Pet Peeve: When monster bash on someone just because they're different.

Favorite Activity: Designing fashions that everyone will be wearing someday.

Pet: Lushes, my firce but adorable leopard.

Favorite School Subject: Home Ick of course

Least Favorite School Subject: Geometry, the only time I'll ever use pie is when eating it.

BFFs: Draculayla

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