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"I can't stand here for long. Really, I can't!" Clarissa shows how the ground burns when she's around.

Clarissa Del Rue is the daughter of Evil and a Monster High original character by Thenaturals


Clarissa is the sweetest ghoul in school, and is always trying to make things better. However, her skin is charring hot and she accidentally burns things, so has to take extra precautions. She is also crazy over her boyfriend Impert Puck, and people think she is weird but this isn't the case. She is also misunderstood for being evil, even though she wouldn't hurt anything or anyone in reality. This annoys her quite a lot.

Origin of Species

Evil itself is highly described as a 'monster' to others, therefore Clarissa is the daughter - looks are mainly given to her, like the red and black color scheme. This is the opposite to another of Thenaturals' characters, where the personality and characteristics are given to the character rather than looks. Clarissa is part fire-elemental, from her dad's grandmother.



Clarissa says that 'her family are in hiding from the goverment, but it sounds complicated' and decides to forget it.

Clarissa has a brother named Ricky Del Rue, who Nessalyn Van Loch has a crush on. Clarissa thinks it's weird but gets used to it.


Clarissa has been lifelong friends with Nessalyn Van Loch. So much that because Nessalyn can't live underwater like her family, she lives with Clarissa.

She is also friends with Lina Greene and Angela Goulding.


Her pet is a Harlequin Great Dane named Flamer.


She has a heavy conflict with Yolanda Jedi because she is always bossy to Clarissa.


Clarissa is in a relationship with Impert Puck. However, it's partly one sided on Clarissa's side. Impert does care for Clarissa though.



Clarissa wears a dark red top with lighter red moons scattered on it, and a dark maroon skirt, with black-rimmed red boots. Her hair is extremely wavy and droops down in bangs.


  • Clarissa in class with her friends
  • Clarissa with her boyfriend Impert
  • Nessalyn and Clarissa Dance-off 2-pack


  • Clarissa bears a resemblance to a Devil.
  • Clarissa's name came from the Capirussa, who was originally going to be her parent, but the name came out as if it sounded more evil, so she is now the daughter of Evil.
  • Clarissa is only crazy around Impert. She can also be very serious.