This is Chupacaubrey

Chupacaubrey is daughter of the Chupacabra.Her dad wants her to hunt goats like he does but she is a vegan.

Age: 15

Killer Style: I love to dress up in leather to show people I'm tough.

Freaky Flaw: I shed, A LOT

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: I'm a vegan so I don't 'suck goats' like my father.

Pet peeve: My dad wants me to hunt goats but I keep on telling him I won't.

Favorite activity: I love doing anything but playing in that hot Mexican Desert.

Pet: My pet chihuahua, Chica.

BFF's: Clawdeen Wolf and Jersia Devil.

Favorite subject: Um, none of them.

Least favorite subject: All of them especially social studies when we learn about Mexico. It reminds me of walking on the hot desert.


  • Her name is a play on Chupacabra and the name Aubrey