Christopher Krueger

Christopher Krueger is the 17 year old son of Freddy Krueger and Loretta Krueger.He was oftenly called the Dream Nightmare Man by kids and Chris Krueger by adults.He was known on the news for being burned in his own boiler room.As with his father was a rival to Jason Voorhees,he is rivals with Wade Voorhees.

Early Life

Christopher Krueger was born to Freddy Krueger and Loretta Krueger on August 27,1991.As a 15 year old he would be a gardener in a preschool but always loved playing with children.One of his favorites was Tina Holbrook,the daughter of Nancy Holbrook.He took her to a special place where she can fix Chris' old messy drwaings there but then turned into a child tormentor.Soon the parents would know this.23 days after his 16th Birthday,he was chased down to his boiler room and burned alive there and then was then named Chris Krueger.thumb|346px|right|This is how Christopher Krueger became the demon his father became in the early years


Christopher at the first place was nice and kind to children until he was a tormentor after he noticed that they were annoying him.But then he turned bad and cruel and then was burned until he turned into the demon his father was inside and outside.

Physical Description

Christopher Krueger always wears the samething but in a different color of stripes.But mostly he wears a brown fedora,a Red and Green stripe sweater with Gray Pants and Brown Boots.As a tormentor and mortal man,he would wear a black sweater,his main striped sweater,a light blue t-shirt underneath,Blue jeans and Brown Boots with his clawed glove except 2 hands for each glove.


Family:Christopher and his father Freddy get along with eachother since they act the same way but in a different opposite of his mother and father.He makes sures that Voorhees' and other monsters don't even come up to them.

Freddy Krueger:Father

Loretta Krueger:Mother

Maggie Burroughs-Sister

Jason Voorhees-Family Enemy

Wade Voorhees-Rival then turned Viperous enemy

Classical Monster


Freddy Krueger,Christopher's father

Christopher's father was actually the villain of A Nightmare on Elm Street named Freddy Krueger.

Good Actor to portray him in a Monster High Movie


Jackie Earle Haley,a good actor to portray Christopher Krueger as he portrayed Freddy Krueger

I rather put Jackie Earle Haley as Christopher Krueger since he was the one who played Freddy Krueger in the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.So i rather put this guy as Christopher Krueger.

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