Christina Groan

Christina Groan


I am very passionate and I love being nerdy, I don't know why. I love reading and hanging out with my friends at Monster High.



I've got my dad, Mr. Groan, and my mom, Mrs. Groan. My family is a very short family tree. I only have my mom,dad, and Sugar Pie.


My BFFs are Ghoulia Yelps, Frankella Seams, and Jackson Jekyll.


I have a boyfriend, his name is, Jackson Jekyll. He is so hot, too me anyway.

Christina Groan



Monster Parent:

Mr. Groan (zombie)

Killer Style:

My fashions are very stylish. I like to wear red,white and black a lot. I love dresses and my killer glasses are out of this world!

Freaky Flaw:

When some monsters make me feel bad.


Sugar Pie- My chamelon, she is a bit of a fighter when it comes to wars.

Favorite Activity:

Hanging out with my ghoul friends.

Fav. Subject:

I like all of the Monster High subjects, just like Ghoulia Yelps, my BFF.

Least Fav. Subject:

I never had a least favorite subject.. EVER!

Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:


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