"Rawr!"-Chewbecca in her diary.

Chewbecca is daughter of Chewbaca and is Gffs with Abbey and Goatia Sucker.


Chewbecca Wookie


Parents:I was born to Chewbacca and a female Wookie,but raised with Han Solo and my dad.

Killer Style:Fur,Fur and more fur! You can have too much of it!!!! :)

Freaky Flaw:Well, I'm scared of falling into space. So I kinda guess space,even though I live in space. Ironic,huh?

Favorite Color:Orange,brown and black.

Favorite Food:Astronaut Icecream,chocolate or even dipping dots rainbow!

Pet Peeve:I can only speak Wookie,so a lot of people on earth don't understand my language.

Favorite Activity:Flying a kite.

Pet:Snowy,my Wompa cub. Named after Snowy,Tin Tin's pet dog.

Gffs:Abbey,Ghoulia,Goatia and maybe Yolanda.