Cherry is the 14 year-old daughter of the chewbecobra. She is sweet and loves animals. She has huge stage fright, though she's not that shy. This freaky fashinista has a love for animals, fashion, and her three BFF's. Since the chewbecobra is Mexican, Cherry is of Mexican heritage. Here is her bio.

Name: Cherry Cobra


Monster Parent: the chewbicobra

Nickname: Hairy Cherry

Lucky Number: 3

Monster Herritage: Mexican

Killer Style: I combine my Mexican herritage with freaky fab style. When you see it, you'll love it too!

Freaky Flaw: Even though I'm not that shy, I have serious stage fright. Not sure why though. If you don't beleive my listen to this: I sang Scary Had a Little Lamb in kindergarten and I....well you get it...30 kids's not pretty.

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