{{Infobox MHsiteprofile
|name= Chelsea Chabra
|age= 16 (and a 1/2!)
|killer_style= People call me THE punk. Leather is on my body everyday, along with some plaid and fishnet.
|freaky_flaw= My food control. When it's hamburgers in the creepateria... let's just leave it at that!
|pet= Chubs, my baby goat. He's the only one I'll NEVER eat.
|favorite_activity= Doodling. People say I'm a true artist!
|pet_peeve= Guys who pretend new ghouls are just like desserts on a cart, saving them for later. Yes, Heath, I AM looking at you!
|fav_school_subj= Art. I get to doodle for a few hours? BEST. CLASS. EVER.
|least_fav_school_subj= All but above.
|fav_color= Dark Purple
|fav_food= Hamburgers and Fries
|bffs= Holt Hyde and Toralei Stripe
|diary= Maybe... NOT