"Can I take a break insted of running around for useless things that wont benefit me!" - Charyll in 'Hoot are you?'

Charyll Rainfulle is the daughter of the Sphinx and younger sister of Jevel Rainfulle.


Charyll is very imaginative and very full of herself. She loves to bake and is often overshooting her recipes and makes them think as if her food is the best around. Next to that, she is very strong spoken and idependent. She can be very vengeful and often uses her charms to hypnotize people into doing what she wants.

Physical Description

Origin of Species

Cairo pyramids, Dec 2008 - 69

The Sphinx

Charyll and her brother, Jevel are the children of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is the guardian of the egyptian pyramids. Though the Sphinx is dipicted to speak in riddles, Charyll does not.



Charyll lives with her father, Horus, her unnamed mother, and her older brother, Jevel in a a house that looks like the white house from the outside but on the inside looks like an old egyptian tomb.


When Charyll first arrived at Monster High, she first made friends with Spectra Vondergiest and Abbey Bomidable. She and Spectra often spy and gossip to each other.


Her pet is a jackal servent by the name of Nubi. He is described as being very fuzzy and does whatever she says.


She is not currently dating anyone but she does seem to have eyes for Holt Hyde.



Charyll wears a golden egyptian dress with mummy bandages as leggings and as a arm braces. The bandages have different streaks of gold and teal in them. Her hair is in a bang with two short pig tails and wavy in the back. Her hair is also dark brown with golden and teal streaks. She also wears a black and gold jacket that stops short of her ribs. Her accesories include some golden earrings, some rings, and a belt that is on her stomach.

Dawn of the Dance

Gloom Beach

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