Charity Twitch is a very sweet and shy witch. She will get very offended if monsters think she's bad or wicked in any way. Charity has lots of amazing witch powers that she uses in emergencies, to help others, and sometimes just for the fun of it. Charity is very smart especially when it comes to writing and grammer. Someday she hopes to be a writer. Her last name is Twitch because when she does a spell her eye twitches.

width="100" Basic Charity Twitch
Age 14
Monster Parent A witch
Killer Style Plaid, I'm a total school ghoul.
Freaky Flaw My eye always twitches when I do a spell.
Pet Licorice, my adorable black cat. She's always there for me.
Favorite Activity I love to write and I'll write just about anything.
Biggest Pet Peeve When monsters try to throw water at me. I'm a good witch and that only happens in movies.
Fav School Subject Creative writing, I want to be a writer someday.
Least Fav Subject Believe it or not Chemistry, I know more than enough spells without listening to a teacher rant off more.
Favorite Color Black and white. They look great together.
Favorite Food My mom's homemade soup. Don't worry it's NOT made from normies.
BFFs Frankie Stein, Draculaura, and Ghoulia Yelps.