Cathrine Kyle or Cat for short, is the daughter of a werecat and Selena Kyle, or Catwoman, a villan in batman the animated series. Cat, like her mother, is very fond of animals, specifically cats. She is very caring of the environment, and often gives money to animal shelters. Her step father is Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Her family has a number of cats(10) but Cat is very attached to one named Eris. Cat is very athletic and loves doing grimnastics. She is very close with her beast friends: Harleen Quinn and Venus Mcflytrap. Cat, even though she did not speak, made her first apperance in the webisode Squashed by a Sasquach. She was among the crowd watching Harleen Quinn batleing a backgrounder. She also is friends with her normie half-brother Damien Wayne and half-sister Hillary Wayne. Here is her bio.

Name: Cathrine"Cat" Kyle

Age:16, but I've got nine lives ahead of me.

Monster Parent: a werecat

Killer Style: I wear comfortable clothes that glimmer, and fancy dresses that sparkle like a dimond, but not silk. I like it, but my claws scratch it so easily.

Freaky Flaw: I care alot about animals. Sometimes my care for them gets me in bad situations.

Favorite Color: purple and black.

Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon with parsley.

Pet: Eris, my black cat. We have so much in common.

Favorite Activity: doing grimnastics

Pet Peeve: the mistreatment of animals

BFF's: Harleen Quinn, Hillary Wayne, Damien Wayne, and Venus Mcflytrap

Favorite Subject: Gym, it's the purrfect time to practice grimnastics.

Least Favorite Subject: Swimming, this cat doesn't touch water.

Apperance: Cat has light pink skin and curly long black hair with purple streaks. Her lipstick is a dark red. Although she's a werecat, she has no tail.


Basic: Cat wears a black shirt over a pink shirt with purple tiger stripes. Her shoes are purple sandals. Her belt is purple. She wears a purple bracelet.

Monster Prom: Cat wears a black dress with some purple tiger stripes. Her hair is in a bun. Her shoes are metalic purple high heels.