Catalina is a very positive, sweet and caring. But she is also very emotional and when she starts crying you better have a lot of tissues because that girl can cry for a maximum of 2 hours. She is very shy and quiet so she dosen't talk to that many people outside her group. Despite her sweet disposition you never want to be on her bad side because she knows what points to hit and practically knows everything about everybody.

Physical Description

Catalina has platinum blond skin or fur and pale green cat eyes. She has pin straight blond hair with orange stripes that's mid-neck length. She is short for her age and has the normal cat ears and tail. She has orange stripes that go down her arms and legs and on her cheeks.



Catalina has a very strong relationship with her father. She never really knew her mother since she left them when she was only a newborn. Catalina also has very strong relationships with her older brothers Dusk and Smoke and little brother Maximillion (or Max for short), and also her little sisters Thorn and Rainbow.


Catalina has quite a few friends but her two closest are Frankie Stein and Draculaura. She's always found hanging out with either one or the other or both. She's close friends with Frankie because she was attracted to her curiosity to the most common things, so Catalina made it her mission to show Frankie the best things in life. She's close friends with Draculuara because she's facsinated by her dislike for blood and meat.


She has a crush on Clawd Wolf and is a bit jealous of Draculuara. But she keeps the crush secret because she know's Clawdeen couldn't handle two of her friends having a crush on her brother.


A small tabby cat she named Taffy. It's has orange fur with black spots and strangely has amber eyes.



She wears a purple and black off the shoulder belly shirt, pink shorts with silver accents and purple boots with pink and silver ribbons. She also wears gold bangles and pink elbow length finger less gloves. For makeup she wears bright pink lipstick and purple eye shadow.


Catalina trying out for fearleading.